Night Ocean

af Howard Philips Lovecraft, Robert Hayward Barlow og Agent C



all which might have been a harbour

should come

still lumps of darkness sprawling

beneath the cruel brilliant rays.


The endless cold inhuman vividness

arose and shut the window

as transferring to me before

the stream of thought.


Minutes or eternities

were the scene I had set

in the western corner

of her bluish rays.


The ancient glow of the beach

and I waited by the delay

and the completion

outside the white forms.


My voices still as time

of great shadows

veiled nothing

from the night.


All the stars were dark

or word now could reveal flesh

for all the torture

it brought of death.


With a forgotten cigarette in my hand

a silent world, dirty windows

and in my arrival my spirit

burned endlessly like flesh again.


Kerosene base enough was no heat

that the night forces and all the laws

disrupted with silver water

of fear beyond the breakers.


It could not have known

that I watched

across the mirrored stars

beneath the surface.


I could be no animal

or something like a man

toward the dark ocean

with horrible ease.


As I watched death in another

the shore down the beach

to discern sparks of moonlit fear

died away in coldness all over me.


I thought it would be very horrible

if something were to enter a window

which was not closed.


I felt the shadows

at me from whatever


I did not watch.


fragile gliders take off across an abyss
fragile gliders take off across an abyss


In the end I had nothing.


I was given

a thing

by the veils of ignorance

too close to that swimmer

us deep the moon beat shapes

awesome an ecstasy vast shall reign

waters though sand gathering

within shores even shall that the sea.

a space that could not be traversed
a space that could not be traversed
(‘Night Ocean’ følger principperne i Manifesto C)

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