FIELDER’S CHOICE af Jon M. Schwartz



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Fielder’s Choice, udvalgte digte og breve, 2011 -1964. Af Jonathan Matthew Schwartz


Om digtsamlingen skriver forfatteren følgende til sine læsere (til dig):

When my son Paul (born in Detroit 1968) read my selection of poems, ”Fielder’s Choice”, his comment was: ”It’s your history in reverse.”  This was a very fine perception. He knows the meaning of ”fielder’s choice ” in baseball. It is a defensive play, when the fielder decides to put one runner out instead of another. I found this a good way to express the selection of  some poems instead of others for a small collection, called a ”chapbook” in English.

When I and my family moved from Detroit to Denmark in 1970, I thought that the move was temporary, like that of many guest workers at the time. I had written a number of poems which seemed to spring indirectly from my university teaching and research at Wayne State University. I had no idea that I would be teaching at the University of Copenhagen in the  social sciences for thirty-three years until retiring in 2003.

The close,– even loving–association between the lyrical and the academic lives has followed me for nearly fifty years. There have been times when a poem grew into a lecture and others where a lecture turned into a poem. Many of these poems, or letters,  have been printed in ”Fielder’s Choice”. So my son’s judgement was sound. It is history in reverse, and history that is compressed into a snowball and caught like a baseball.

something there is that doesn't love a wall
something there is that doesn’t love a wall


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