Dear Elena



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Dear Elena


I want to help – but how can I do it?


I live in a small tent with four kids and some blankets. My wife left me for

a rich man and she did not want to bother with the children.


Outside is very cold. One has got a snot nose. Recently I was diagnosed with

the pesto. I cannot afford the medicine. The bank don’t trust me though my

grandfather sits at the head of the board. I’m am very unhappy.


Thank God we both have Internet.


I have no home address,





—–Oprindelig meddelelse—–

Fra: Elena NJ []

Sendt: 21. november 2012 20:12


Emne: hi




My name is Lena, I write you in a small town from Russia. I live with my

little daughter without husband, because he left us.

Since the crisis I lost my job and unable pay the heating bills for our


We urgently need heating, winter comes and the temperature is very cold in

our sleeping room.

The only way to heat the home, which is a portable woodburner which work

with fire and wood.

But we can not buy it in our local shop because it too expensive -equivalent

EUR 196, and we cannot afford.

I find your adress at the website and decided to write you this desperate

letter from local library.

If you own an old portable woodburner from cast-iron, and stop use it more,

I pray it gift for us and save us.

I hope you answer and I give your our home adress.



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