The City at Night

The City at Night

during the day, the city at night sleeps
during the night, the city at day sleeps
it’s a happy marriage
though they both toss and turn in their sleep
poke eachother slightly
one snoring a deep hum
the other one wide awake

I walk through the rivers of light
shining in every colour
on the background of the dark buildings
the city sees through me
through us
almost no one dare to look at eachother
afraid to see the skeletons
of innermost needs and desires
it’s an x-ray machine
I look at the others
and I am seen

the city at night can crush me
pull me apart
and put me back together again
though afterwards
I may have a few limbs and bones
from you and the others
a few wild incoherent thoughts
little voices whispering in my dreams
asking me to come back
to the city or you
who is just as crushed as me

we can sail on the rivers of light
right there in the smoky fog of liquid and powder
thousands of sounds merging into the deep pounding
of the night machine of the city
millions of voices ranging from whisper to scream
all husky or childish
wanting or needing
crashing and burning

their lives chiseled into the walls
carved in the city lights
asphalt soaked in the blood and puke and shit of generations
the gap inbetween them an expanding sewer

but as we walk through the streets of you,
the city,
sneaks into us unnoticed
just you and i and the rest is merely
an incoherent dream of blur and bliss

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